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New issue 2609 by Cannot reply to existing comments on replaced screenshots

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What version are you running?

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?
Main review page where comments are visible and can be replied to.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Publish a review request with a screenshot (give it a name).
2. Comment on a region in the screenshot and publish.
3. Add a comment to the original comment and publish.
4. Add a new version of the image to the review, delete the old image and give the new image the same name as the old. Publish. 5. Attempt to add a comment to the comment from step 3. You will not be allowed to publish this comment (in chrome).

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
I expect to be able to carry on a back-forth conversation in the comments regardless of whether a comment is based on an old or new revision of a screenshot. Commenting seems to only work when the comments are for screenshots that are current. often continuing a conversation for past screenshots (which seem to be retained by review board anyway) is valuable.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
Windows 7, Chrome

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