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New issue 2622 by Manager Redirect Fails For Multiple Channels Used In Dial Command

Have observed a problem with asterisk 1.8 (versions,, all behave the same) and using the manager redirect command to redirect two channels which are bridged together via dial command to alternate locations.

When the redirect is attempted, the following error is received on the second channel: [Jun 4 13:06:29] WARNING[24411]: channel.c:5874 __ast_channel_masquerade: Can't setup masquerade. One or both channels is dead. (AsyncGoto/SIP/30-00000001 <-- SIP/30-00000001)

Have previously used this on multiple 1.6 version with no problem (manager.c was patched to include Extra channel options from 1.8).

Any help would be great, thank you.

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