Comment #1 on issue 2559 by Replying inlne to a review comment should be in direct response to the comment

Our group has started to adopt reviewboard. Initially we adopted reviewboard with great gusto as it has some excellent features but having gone through a review of project with a diff with ~4000K lines of changes we've noticed some downsides (some of which I'm hoping are because we're just doing things wrong).

In the case of this RFE, it's difficult to validate that the suggested changes are made if a new review is created for inline responses to the original comments. Instead the inline comment should be appended to the original review so that at the end you can go back and look at your review and see that all things have been addressed.

[ This is on v1.5.1 (which is admittedly a bit behind - the rest of our org had already setup and are using reviewboard) and a mercurial-based gate ]

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