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New issue 2654 by Set, jump between bookmarks in DiffViewer

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Developer posts a sizable review with a fair number of functions spread across multiple files. During review, I want to sanity check calls into new function whose return value, memory allocations, etc. I don't know. So, I need to jump to the called function, see what it does, what its side effects are, etc., and then return to the call to see if things check out. (For example, did the called function return a pointer to something allocated from the heap, and does the current function need to free it in case of failure?)

With the current diff viewer, I have to manually search for the definition of the new function, then manually go back to its call site. It'd be nice if I could
   1.  record my current location in the diff viewer,
   2.  seek somewhere else in the diff, and then
3. press a key/keys or click something to immediately jump back to the saved location.

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Google Chrome 18–19 on Linux and Windows 7.

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