Comment #5 on issue 2655 by Email being sent for comment with 0 character length

Along with some corrections with the steps:

To simplify the reproduction, try this:
1) Open one review request.
2) Click on "Add comment" at say line x, type something say 5 characters, click OK. 3) The comment appears there on line x and the "publish" option is now visible. 4) Now move at some other line say y, type something say 10 characters, click OK 5) Now, delete all those 10 characters which are part of the comment at line y and click OK
6) Now click "publish"

As a result of publish, an email is generated. This email should only talk about the comment added at line x and it should not talk anything about comment that was attempted to be added at line y.

But in reality, the email would talk about comment added at line x with 5 characters and it will also indicate that comment was added at line y though with 0 characters!

Hope that helps.

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