Comment #4 on issue 2686 by 1.6.10 breaks svn+ssh for Subversion

I moved the /var/lib/reviewboard to /var/lib/reviewboard-backup and did a fresh install of 1.6.10 to /var/lib/reviewboard using sqlite as the database. This should ensure that there wasn't anything in my existing database confusing things. I then restarted memcached and apache2.

After going to the install the first time, it informed me that the data directory had the wrong permissions. I ran the command to fix them.

I added a repository and was asked to trust the host. The following error: "Unable to authenticate against this repository using one of the supported authentication types." I copied the old id_rsa over using the following command. I have tested this id_rsa with ssh -i and connected successfully to the svn server.

sudo cp -a /var/lib/reviewboard-backup/data/.ssh/id_rsa /var/lib/reviewboard/data/.ssh/id_rsa

ReviewBoard didn't pick this up, so I downloaded the key from the server and used the ReviewBoard UI to upload the SSH key. This picked up the key. I then tried to add the repository again and saw the following error: "A repository was not found at the specified path."

I went ahead and did the same process described above using ReviewBoard 1.6.9 using "sudo easy_install ReviewBoard==1.6.9" and the rest of the procedure is the same. The result was that no errors were thrown and the repository is added without problems.

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