Comment #4 on issue 2710 by Can see and edit other users' comments before they're published

I'm not completely sure of the root cause, but here is a patch that seems to work for one case in the Reviews view (I haven't investigated related code in other views, but I've heard from my users that the diff view may experience similar problems).

The check is based on a similar test earlier in the same file.

--- a/reviewboard/reviews/
+++ b/reviewboard/reviews/
@@ -562,7 +562,7 @@ def review_detail(request,


-            if parent_review.is_reply():
+ if parent_review.is_reply() and (parent_review.public or (request.user.is_authenticated() and parent_review.user_id == # This is a reply to a comment. Add it to the list of replies.
                 assert obj.review_id not in reviews_entry_map
                 assert parent_review.base_reply_to_id in reviews_entry_map

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