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New issue 2741 by Getting Started documentation not geared toward non-development install.

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I am quite confused by this introduction. According to this page, it is necessary to install all manner of third party packages, with the develop mode specified, to get the install up and running. I have done this on one machine, and it was both time consuming and not portable.

What about just plain old "sudo pip install reviewboard"? If I have no intention whatsoever of developing review board (not yet, at least), but doing this simple pip install seems to get me some of the way there.

It may be because I am on a Mac, but it seems as if this requires further steps to get started. I installed mod_wsgi, which seems to be the most basic requirement (otherwise I simply see a file hierarchy when I navigate to the appointed URL), but after this I am at a loss as to how to start the server. I have tried adding a WSGIScriptAlias to my httpd.conf file. I have modified the vhosts.conf file and added a virtual host for this server. Again here I'm not entirely clear on how to do all of this, as I am new to both wsgi and django (this seems to be implied knowledge) but it seems like steps like this are necessary to get the server up and running.

By setting debug = True in the file, and then running `rb-site manage . runserver`, I can get the page to load (with CSS, which was another issue I saw), but it does not accept my admin credentials that I just established.

I would like the install page to contain straightforward, step by step instructions as to how to set up review board (preferably on a mac but any platform will do) as someone who has no intention of developing this software, geared toward the above necessary modifications of virtual host and httpd files, and then tells me how to run the server, because it seems the "runserver" command is for testing only. I want to install, set it, and forget it, and get to using the web interface, without having all these dangling "development mode" modules and having to manually specify dependencies.

Is this truly not possible? I get the feeling I am making this more complicated than is necessary, and any guidance would be welcome. But either way I would definitely like to see an install page that actually told me how to install this piece of software as merely a client user.

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