Comment #4 on issue 2635 by review-requests API filtering by ship-it=0 returns ship-it'ed review requests too.

slchen: (updates 2)

- realized that I did not actually reproduce the original bug as I mentioned in the previous update
- these are the updated testing and findings:
- Tested with 6 total review-requests in the system
- 2 review-requests have 1 ship-it's each, the other 4 have none.
- example curl format used in test script is as follows:
curl -H "Accept: application/json" -v -G ""; > result

1. on "";, it actually returned 0 results - which is a bug, but a different bug.

2. on "";, it returned 2 results - which is the correct response

3. When I tried to access " ip-it=0" (notice the space in the word 'ship'), it gets translated to ""; and actually returns all of the review-requests (which includes a mix of review-requests that either had or didn't have ship-it's) - To OP: Could this have been the case in your original testing? A confirmation either way would be greatly appreciated because I haven't been able to reproduce the exact same bug as described originally.

Looking into the new bug described in (1) now.

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