Comment #29 on issue 2359 by Review creation fails with patches created with Subversion 1.7.x if they include a property change.

I tried pulling down the patch, and it looks like there's still a bit more work needed before the bug can be completely closed. Of course, I could have pulled it in wrong (I'm using 1.5, until we get some things in place to do an upgrade.)

One of the diffs I tried feeding it updated the svn:mergeinfo property, since I had merged in the trunk changes onto this branch:
Index: .
--- .   (.../base/mainline/foo)       (revision 249342)
+++ .   (.../uid/mbraun/293895) (revision 249342)

Property changes on: .
Modified: svn:mergeinfo
   Merged /components/foo/base/mainline/foo:r248401-248793

When I tried uploading it, RB refused complaining:
   URL 'https://XXX/components/foo/base/mainline/foo' refers to a directory
   Can't get text contents of a directory

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