Comment #2 on issue 2579 by djblets: embedded jquery stuff doesn't incude source and copyright information

So a few things:

1) I'm not going to be bundling the non-obfuscated version. I can put it in the Git repository, but have no desire to increase the size of our packages for something that will never be used directly. Can you describe to me why this is necessary? Can you just include it in your packages?

2) The 1.6rc2 version can go (we kept it around for backwards-compatibility reasons), but the 1.6rc5 version is being used. These are the files as provided by the jQuery-UI project, but I'll add a copyright.

3) datagrid.js and jquery.gravy.js are part of Djblets, so they retain the original copyright of Djblets.

For the upcoming releases, I'll add copyright headers to the jquery-ui files. I need more of a discussion on the rest. Especially the need to grow our packages and increase download time by bundling unused source copies.

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