Comment #3 on issue 2043 by Using reviewboard without a repository - only upload a diff file

We have SVN repository hosted at client side which needs VPN connection. This means that the server where Review Board is deployed, must be running VPN client to connect to VPN. This is not a feasible option. Besides, code review is to be done before any check ins so basically I am taking diff from my working copy which is not yet checked in. Since there are simultaneous check ins by other developers, the diff I had taken, may not be in sync with the trunk because of intermediate check ins by other members.

I have been using CodeStriker which takes care of all these issues by ...
1. Upload a diff/patch file without specifying the repository
2. I can view the only changed portion of files side by side in Codestriker (Note without repository specified) 3. CodeStriker allows me to upload my modified file for whole file viewing Side by side, called parallel viewing.

This is indeed a wonderful feature. Can we expect the same in ReviewBoard for diff uploads without repository.

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