Comment #2 on issue 2662 by Repository List Resource web service API doesn't return all repos

This seems to be a limit set in djblets/webapi/ Although the "links" array should point to the next page in case the total results is greater than what is requested, I agree with OP that if its requested, it should return all the records.

Can this line:

max_results = \
min(int(request.GET.get('max-results', default_max_results)),

be changed to
    max_results = int(request.GET.get('max-results'))
except ValueError:
    max_results = default_max_results

We could remove the "max_results_cap" variable as well with the above change. From a performance standpoint, it could be an issue if we have lots of results obtained through the API.

Since the original design does provide a "next" url for pagination, that seems a decent solution as long as its documented.

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