Comment #1 on issue 2841 by Using non-standard ssh port (!=22) for connecting to git repository

After some more digging, I actually found that the problem is not with schemeless_url_re.

Problem seams to be usage of urlparse.urlparse which doesn't differentiate hostname and port in netloc:

    Parse a URL into 6 components:
    Return a 6-tuple: (scheme, netloc, path, params, query, fragment).
    Note that we don't break the components up in smaller bits
    (e.g. netloc is a single string) and we don't expand % escapes.

Easy workaround could be to modify check_host method in ssh/ to split netloc in hostname and port as in attached patch created against release-1.7.x branch.

When I tried this change, I noticed that connection has been successfully established to my git server but something else went wrong that I don't understand (attached screenshot and logfile). Any help would be appreciated.


        Enabling-ports-other-than-22-for-SSH-access-to-repos.patch  1.3 KB
        Screenshoot.png  108 KB
        error.log  5.2 KB

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