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New issue 2857 by Type same comment multiple times across file only once

What version are you running?

Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.
I don't want to type the same comment over and over again across a CR.

For example: Suppose a typo is discovered in the code multiple times. Under current RB, you have to type the comment once for the first occurrence. Then you have to click on all the subsequent occurrence and copy/paste the same comment over and over again. Suppose there is 10 typo's, that's one additional ctrl-C and 9 ctrl-V. If there is 100 typo's, that's one additional ctrl-9 and 99 ctrl-V. That's assuming the user is consistent during the change and nothing comes into his mind when he is pasting.

The simplest way would be click on all the lines that has the issue, and type comment once. Done.

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