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New issue 2868 by allow closing issues when updating request

What version are you running?
RB 1.7.1

What's the URL of the page this enhancement relates to, if any?
<any draft update to a request with issues>

Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.
It would be useful if the process of publishing an updated request could also resolve open issues. Basically, below the 'describe the changes' box, have a list of issues with a check box to mark that issue 'fixed' on publishing the new diff. (An additional widget to check all the boxes would also be nice.)

Long term, having the 'new diff' message in the reviews list note what issues were closed would be nice, but short term, just being able to combine uploading the new diff and closing issues would be helpful (especially to remind authors to close issues when updating a request; I'm finding some of my users tend to forget otherwise).

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