Comment #6 on issue 2713 by Reviewer, not author, should mark issues as resolved/reopened

A three-stage flow would work. It's a little inconvenient (and also odd) for the author to not be able to indicate that an issue is resolved. I'd be okay if there was a site policy to disallow authors resolving issues, but I'm not sure it is the best way in general. As long as a reporter can reopen an issue if they disagree with the author that it was suitably addressed (the aforementioned "way for the reviewer to indicate whether an issue has been properly addressed or not"), I don't have a problem with the author being able to resolve issues.

For me, it's more important that the reporter have the *ability* to resolve issues (e.g. if the author forgets, or if they realize something they thought was an issue actually isn't, or even just made a mistake, etc.). I'd be inclined to call that a separate issue, which would be a dependency of this.

FWIW, most bug tracking tools allow reporters to close their own issues, and "commiters" (i.e. privileged users) to close any issue (in this case, equivalent to authors closing issues with their requests).

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