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New issue 2879 by support for event streams

What version are you running?
RB 1.7.1

Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.
It would be really great if RB supported event streams a la (especially for porting third-party tools - e.g. auto-builders - using gerrit event streams to RB).

Please provide any additional information below.
Obviously this is a candidate for an extension, but would be a neat place to start on a pool of 'official' extensions.

The 'tricky' part is what to use for IPC, since the RB server needs to be able to throw events 'over the wall' to any listeners that may (or may not) exist at the time. With Linux now being the only supported platform, one possibility is to use the dbus system bus that exists on most modern Linux systems. To that end, in the hope it may be useful, I've attached some initial experiments I did in that direction. The client ( is more or less complete, except would obviously need to be named differently. The server component would optimally be integrated into the extension (so, basically take the code and meld it onto something based on RBWebHooks, with a more complete signal set). The dbus config to allow use of the system bus would be a template that needs to be modified by the site installer to have the appropriate context for the RB server, based on how the RB server is set up.

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