Comment #3 on issue 2544 by HTTP 500 when performing search

I fixed it by applying the following changes:

---    2013-01-30 13:33:34.129933013 +0100
+++     2013-01-30 13:58:57.755434114 +0100
@@ -1421,8 +1421,8 @@

     if lucene_is_2x:
         parser = lucene.QueryParser('text', lucene.StandardAnalyzer())
-        result_ids = [int(lucene.Hit.cast_(hit).getDocument().get('id')) \
-                      for hit in]
+        hits =
+ result_ids = [int(hits.doc(n).get('id')) for n in range(hits.length())]
     elif lucene_is_3x:
         parser = lucene.QueryParser(lucene.Version.LUCENE_CURRENT, 'text',

Please verify whether this is correct for all lucene 2.x versions and still does what it should have done before :).


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