Comment #2 on issue 2888 by Allow the creator of an issue to mark it as fixed or drop it

Work dump:

- buttons in comment_issue.html, display:none by default
- displaying probably done in review.js, in open_state
- initiated by the js snippet in comment_issue.html
  - calls $.fn.commentIssue in review.js
- whether or not fixed/drop buttons are shown is determined by self.interactive
  - that is set by the js snippet in comment_issue.html
  - called from comment_issue

      if user and user.is_authenticated() and \
          user == review_request.submitter:

  - review_request is "class ReviewRequest"
    doesn't seem to be able to refer to comments
    where is the class for the "comment" var?
    - FileAttachmentComment inherting from BaseComment in
- looks like we can get the creator of a comment only indirectly, via its review:

- GUI change DONE

- now we have to allow the closing via the API (it currently gives 403 forbidden) - URL is /api/review-requests/1/reviews/8/file-attachment-comments/8/ 403 (FORBIDDEN)
  - call order (all reviewboard/webapi/
    ReviewRequestResource.has_modify_permissions (why twice?)
  - determined by ReviewRequest.is_mutable_by
- but no this allows to modify the *whole* review request, not only the single comment - probably have to put it into ReviewRequestResource.has_modify_permissions - no, that is still for the whole request, so instead in BaseCommentResource.update_issue_status?

- API access DONE

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