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New issue 2894 by Archive reviews

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A user should be able to archive a review. This would hide the review from the dashboard until there is further activity on it. There would be many benefits to this feature.

1) Keep the dashboard clean of reviews that don't require my attention. If I put in review comments, I don't want to see the review again until my comments are addressed. 2) Ignore irrelevant review requests. Especially with groups, you can get bombarded with review requests that you don't intend to take action on. 3) Hide old reviews. If reviews get tabled, sometimes indefinitely, they clutter up the dashboard until they are addressed months or sometimes even years later.

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See bug 1691 and bug 1453, comment 6 for more detail and previous discussions. Bug 1453 was closed suggesting that the "my comments" box fixes this, but I feel that's not a complete solution.

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