Comment #11 on issue 1426 by "Reply" on the diff page is confusing and error-prone.

I just ran into this and lost a bunch of comments in the process. A team member posted a new diff on a review, so I was reviewing it. He'd replied to one of my comments on the previous diff and closed the issue. I wasn't satisfied, so I wanted to reopen it and reply to his comment on the newest diff. While in diff view, I could see my original comment and his reply, but when I clicked the reply button in the comment dialog, I was just taken back to the main review page. No text field was opened up and pre-selected for me, and even worse, when I returned to the diff view, I'd lost all the comments I already wrote on my in-progress review update.

What I would expect is that when I click reply, I get presented with a text field in which to type my reply, right in-situ. Click save, and it's done. Then it all gets submitted when I actually publish the review. I shouldn't have to leave the page to reply to a comment, and I absolutely should never lose comments already entered, especially with nary a warning.

Safari 6.0.2.

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