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New issue 2922 by parent diff on a git repo seems broken in 1.6.5

What version are you running?

What's the URL of the page containing the problem? (internal to my company)

What operating system are you using? CentOS
What browser? Firefox


Hi all,

We are using reviewboard 1.6.5 with a centralized git server. It works well until I went to use the web interface to create a review request and wanted to attach a parent diff.

I noticed two things when I tried to do this...

1) Once you've entered a "parent diff" file, you cannot remove it. You can change it, but I could not figure out how to empty that field.

2) After entering a parent diff file clicking "Create Review Request" seems to do nothing. (No spinning, no "Waiting for ..." message in the status of my browser, no error is displayed, etc. But the page is not frozen. I can change other things just fine like change the parent diff file etc.

A) Has this problem been fixed in a later revision and if so, what revision?
B) What do I need to do to get this problem logged and fixed?

(Unfortunately I am not in control of the reviewboard version that we are using but I can request that it be upgraded if I know that doing so will fix this problem.)

Thank you in advance,

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