Comment #3 on issue 2121 by post-review doesn't handle bad passwords nicely

This is the hack I'm using for older python machines:

    diff --git a/rbtools/ b/rbtools/
    index df791aa..5323b9c 100755
    --- a/rbtools/
    +++ b/rbtools/
    @@ -12,6 +12,11 @@ from optparse import OptionParser
     import datetime

    +    from cStringIO import StringIO as FakeFile
    +except ImportError:
    +    from StringIO import StringIO as FakeFile
         # setuptools from
         from pkg_resources import parse_version
     except ImportError:
@@ -192,8 +197,19 @@ class ReviewBoardHTTPBasicAuthHandler(urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler):
             if not self._retried:
                 self._retried = True
                 self.retried = 0
- response = urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler.retry_http_basic_auth(
    -                self, *args, **kwargs)
    +            try:
+ response = urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler.retry_http_basic_auth(
    +                    self, *args, **kwargs)
    +            except ValueError, e:
    +                # more than likely Python 2.4 client and
    +                # user used bad username/password
+ if e.args[0] == "AbstractDigestAuthHandler doesn't know about Basic" and sys.versio + # See
    +                    # Hack to log a slightly more useful error message
+ print 'ERROR: Suspect incorrect username and/or password'
    +                    fileptr = FakeFile('')
+ raise urllib2.HTTPError(None, 401, None, None, fileptr)
    +                raise

                 if response.code != 401:
                     self._retried = False

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