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New issue 2950 by Reviewboard sometimes shows reverse diff-between-patches

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A fellow user of KDE's reviewboard writes:

if you go to to see changes between revision 6 and revision 7 of the patch, it looks like 2 new lines were introduced in src/EngineController.h revision 7, compared to revision 6. However, if you check the revisions 6 and 7 alone, you see that the lines were actually removed in r7 compared to r6 - while r6 touched the src/EngineController.h file, r7 doesn't touch it at all. In other words, reviewboard shows the *reverse* diff-between-patches for some files, sometimes.

This happens particularly when revision N touches/introduces a file, while revision N+1 doesn't touch it anymore/ceases to introduce it. This should be reproducible every time.

This is very probably an upstream reviewboard bug, I just rather run it through KDE Systadmins in case they have something to add.

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