Comment #1 on issue 3024 by Enhance Review Board RBTools (rbt) to support svn tree (or file copy)

Missed patch to utils/ file. Adding ...

---      (revision 408105)
+++      (working copy)
@@ -1,14 +1,16 @@
-def get_diff(scmtool, repository_info, revision_range=None,
-             svn_changelist=None, files=[]):
+def get_diff(scmtool, repository_info, svn_show_copies_as_adds=None,
+             revision_range=None, svn_changelist=None, files=[]):
     """Returns a diff as a string."""
     if revision_range:
         diff, parent_diff = scmtool.diff_between_revisions(
-            repository_info)
+            repository_info,
+            svn_show_copies_as_adds)
     elif svn_changelist:
-        diff, parent_diff = scmtool.diff_changelist(svn_changelist)
+        diff, parent_diff = scmtool.diff_changelist(svn_changelist,
+ svn_show_copies_as_adds)
-        diff, parent_diff = scmtool.diff(files)
+        diff, parent_diff = scmtool.diff(files, svn_show_copies_as_adds)

        patch  6.6 KB

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