Comment #5 on issue 2341 by post-review doesn't handle multiple repositories based on the same vob (clearcase)

Well I shared how I'm solving this right now with the diff provided in the bug report. Where I worked we have multiple repositories in the same vob, so the uuids are the same in both cases however the repository name is different. So the code above (to introduce an additional check based on repository name) was sufficient for things to work. I've been using this 'workaround' code for a while now and have had no issues.

For e.g. on the reviewboard server I have two repositories configure, A and B. Where the configuration is like so..
repository name: A
Path: /view/reviewboard_A/vobs/MAC

repository name: B
Path: /view/reviewboard_B/vobs/MAC

..The vob uuid for both A and B is identical, but the UCM project and view are different. I'm using the same config right now with reviewboard using the repository-name to match things up. Repository names are unique.

You could also check the 'project' associated with the view being used for the repository, but since repository names are unique I think that's sufficient. In my case I made the repository names the same as the project names so it makes sense to developers using it. Hope that helps.

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