Comment #13 on issue 3044 by plasticscm repository doesn't work

It doesn't seem to be a debug log 'only'. I also see a red bar which contents are not readable because it is hidded behind some element. Plastic repository which I was trying to add is not visible in the reviewboard, so it seem like adding repository didn't work.

On the other node, I tried to do the same thing on the 'master' branch and there repository could be added on reviewboard site but creating a review by giving a changeset doesn't work from the site. A blank review is created but there is no file description or diff :(

Using 'post-review' encountered the following error when trying to post the review.
abhiravk@MrvServer:~/workspace/plastic$ post-review 447
Failed to execute command: ['cm', 'diff', '447', '--format={status} {path} rev:revid:{revid} rev:revid:{parentrevid} src:{srccmpath} dst:{dstcmpath}{newline}']
['Incorrect object specification 447\n']

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