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New issue 3075 by RBTools documentation should make clear that command line SVN client is a requirement for Windows

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My experience has shown that it is quite common for Windows developers to use a graphical SVN client such as TortoiseSVN and not have a command line svn client installed. As a new RB user, my assumption was that RBTools would have it's own SVN client under the hood or accessible from some python package. However, when beginning to use rbt it was clear that it could not identify the SVN working copy in the current directory where I was executing the tool. I do not have the debug output accessible now, but there was nothing to clue me in to the fact that an svn command line client could not be found. I consider myself a sophisticated Google user and it took me quite a while to finally determine that RBTools did not have access to it's own SVN client and that my installation of TortoiseSVN would not be sufficient, and that I would need to install a command line SVN client. If this requirement could have been spelled out in the RBTools installation documentation then it would have saved me a lot of time. I'm only using SVN, but I presume there may be implied tool requirements for other VC systems as well. Plus, I don't think this necessarily applies to Windows only, although there I suspect you are more likely to find only visual, rather than command line, versions of tools.

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