Comment #1 on issue 3114 by `rbt post' prompts for username even if --username if provided; `post-review --username` doesn't

Found the problem and it's easy to fix (will submit a review for this soon):

213     def credentials_prompt(self, realm, uri, *args, **kwargs):
214         """Prompt the user for credentials using the command line.
216         This will prompt the user, and then return the provided
217         username and password. This is used as a callback in the
218         API when the user requires authorization.
219         """
220         if getattr(self.options, 'diff_filename', None) == '-':
221             die('HTTP authentication is required, but cannot be '
222                 'used with --diff-filename=-')
224         print "==> HTTP Authentication Required"
225         print 'Enter authorization information for "%s" at %s' % \
226             (realm, urlparse(uri)[1])
227         # getpass will write its prompt to stderr but raw_input
228         # writes to stdout. See bug 2831.
229         sys.stderr.write('Username: ')
230         username = raw_input()
231         password = getpass.getpass('Password: ')

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