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New issue 3135 by Support Assembla git repositories is a code-hosting/project-management site similar to BeanstalkApp (which RB supports).

I don't know exactly how SCM plugins need to be implemented, but I'm not sure whether Assembla can be easily supported as I haven't found an API for git so far (though the API does let you manage SSH keys for a project).

Individual git commits are available through a web interface, though only with an HTML diff viewer. URLs are like this:<project-name>/<git-repo-ID>/changesets/<sha1>

(Projects can have multiple git repos, so <git-repo-ID> should be "git", "git-2", "git-3" etc.)

Individual file diffs within a commit are also available, but again only as HTML, with the URL format:<project-name>/<git-repo-ID>/node/diff/<old-sha1>/<new-sha1>/path/to/

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