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New issue 3140 by unable to add subversion respository

What version are you running?
Review Board 1.7.18 on Nginx.

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Fresh installation
2. login into administrator dashboard, add repository
3. fill Name: SWM, Repository Type: Subversion, Path: svn+ssh://, User: sliu and Password
4. Click Save
5. prompt error "A repository was not found at the specified path."
6. try to fill the Path with svn+ssh://sliu@, it doesn't work as well.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
expect to see a successful message, but see the following error:
Please correct the error below.
A repository was not found at the specified path.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
Linux simon-linux 3.11.0-13-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 23 07:38:26 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Chrome Version 31.0.1650.57

Please provide any additional information below.

I have setup the ssh key to login to the server.
I can connect to the repository manually by username/password.
I can also connect to the repository by ssh key.

Here is the log:
2013-11-20 04:25:41,017 - DEBUG - - SVNTool: Attempting ssh connection with host:, username: sliu 2013-11-20 04:25:41,018 - DEBUG - - starting thread (client mode): 0x6043a410L 2013-11-20 04:25:41,029 - INFO - - Connected (version 2.0, client OpenSSH_4.3) 2013-11-20 04:25:41,031 - DEBUG - - kex algos:['diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1', 'diffie-hellman-group14-sha1', 'diffie-hellman-group1-sha1'] server key:['ssh-rsa', 'ssh-dss'] client encrypt:['aes128-ctr', 'aes192-ctr', 'aes256-ctr', 'arcfour256', 'arcfour128', 'aes128-cbc', '3des-cbc', 'blowfish-cbc', 'cast128-cbc', 'aes192-cbc', 'aes256-cbc', 'arcfour', ''] server encrypt:['aes128-ctr', 'aes192-ctr', 'aes256-ctr', 'arcfour256', 'arcfour128', 'aes128-cbc', '3des-cbc', 'blowfish-cbc', 'cast128-cbc', 'aes192-cbc', 'aes256-cbc', 'arcfour', ''] client mac:['hmac-md5', 'hmac-sha1', 'hmac-ripemd160', '', 'hmac-sha1-96', 'hmac-md5-96'] server mac:['hmac-md5', 'hmac-sha1', 'hmac-ripemd160', '', 'hmac-sha1-96', 'hmac-md5-96'] client compress:['none', ''] server compress:['none', ''] client lang:[''] server lang:[''] kex follows?False 2013-11-20 04:25:41,031 - DEBUG - - Ciphers agreed: local=aes128-ctr, remote=aes128-ctr 2013-11-20 04:25:41,031 - DEBUG - - using kex diffie-hellman-group1-sha1; server key type ssh-rsa; cipher: local aes128-ctr, remote aes128-ctr; mac: local hmac-sha1, remote hmac-sha1; compression: local none, remote none
2013-11-20 04:25:41,043 - DEBUG -  - Switch to new keys ...
2013-11-20 04:25:41,050 - DEBUG - - Trying SSH key 553c113511f97caea2e60ca66d202ca3
2013-11-20 04:25:41,084 - DEBUG -  - userauth is OK
2013-11-20 04:25:41,095 - INFO -  - Authentication (publickey) successful!
2013-11-20 04:25:41,195 - DEBUG -  - EOF in transport thread
2013-11-20 04:25:41,477 - ERROR - - SVN: Failed to get repository information for svn+ssh://sliu@ Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'svn+ssh://sliu@' To better debug SSH connection problems, remove the -q option from 'ssh' in the [tunnels] section of your Subversion configuration file.
Network connection closed unexpectedly

I can create a client and connect to respository by pysvn manually:
# su www-data
$ python -V
Python 2.7.5+
$ python
import pysvn
client.info2(path, recurse = False)
[('SWM', <PysvnInfo ''>)]

These two server are in same time zone:
$ date
Wed Nov 20 15:36:04 EST 2013
$ ssh date
Wed Nov 20 15:36:06 EST 2013

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