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New issue 3164 by rbt patch --commit should support wrapping commit message lines

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RBTools 0.5

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The commit messages generated by 'rbt patch' are a great way to easily ensure that high quality commit messages show up in the log. Unfortunately the default configuration for 'git log' passes the log through a pager that doesn't word wrap and instead creates a horizontal scrollbar, making commit messages generated by it very difficult to read. For an example see this commit [1], which was created following the process here [2]. Of course this can be somewhat mitigated with editor configuration and committer vigilance, but it would be really awesome if this were configurable for the full repository in .reviewboardrc with something like PATCH_MAX_COLUMNS = 100.

[1];a=commit;h=de69dc59dd8eb12803e227090cef9a395aa358f3 [2];a=blob;f=docs/;h=d337da2be9b182a0c872574c3587d414c566331b;hb=master#l30

What operating system are you using? What browser?

All of them, but this will predominantly affect users of git or other SCMs that support 'rbt patch --commit'.

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