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New issue 3170 by RBTools: A critical bug for handling P4Proxy

What version are you running?
RBTools 0.5.2

We have multiple sites in our company where each site has a local proxy set up for central Perforce servers. This means the proxy server has a hostname and an IP address whereas the central Perforce server has a different hostname and a different IP address.

In PerforceClient() in rbtools/clients/, your code tries to construct the actual repository_path by the lookup result from socket.gethostbyaddr(). This is incorrect *unless* we also register the proxy server in Review Board's repository table.

This following code should be commented out to make things work:

182             info = socket.gethostbyaddr(hostname)
184             # If aliases exist for hostname, create a list of alias:port
185             # strings for repository_path.
186             if info[1]:
187                 servers = [info[0]] + info[1]
188                 repository_path = ["%s:%s" % (server, port)
189                                    for server in servers]
190             else:
191                 repository_path = "%s:%s" % (info[0], port)

Following is my debugging info:

(Pdb) hostname
(Pdb) socket.gethostbyaddr(hostname)
('', [], [''])

We only register in Review Board, this will cause local users who interact with not able to post-review.

If you need detailed debugging information, I can send you offline emails.


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