Comment #20 on issue 147 by Ability to view complete source files without diff coloring/block insertions


I've reviewed quickly all the different issues merged into this one and I think there are 2 slightly different functionality requests: 1) Being able to review new code only: not yet in a repository, review plain files, not diff file 2) Being able to download separately each side of the current diff view. I mean, for each file, to be able to download the versions before and after the diff is applied.

I am very interested in 2). This can be useful when the file is not easy to review in text format and can be displayed nicely in an external application. I understand that this can easily be reproduced manually by checking out the repository and applying the diff file to get each version of the file but I think it's the point of RB to make this straightforward. I do not know the internals of RB but it seems to me that at some point it must checkout/generate both files in order to generate the diff view...

Should this be tracked in a separate Issue?

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