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New issue 3190 by Cannot checkout rbtools repository using Mercurial


The Git repository for rbtools currently contains a Mercurial repository, with its ‘.hg’ directory and all. This makes any Mercurial conversion unusable, as Mercurial cannot handle one repository checked into another.

I would recommend either backing out dd528e0 or at least fixing it so that it didn't contain a ‘.hg’ directory. Alternatives include scripting repository creation, storing a bundle in the repository or fake something equivalent to Git's bare repositories and move the files into place when running the test suite.

You could well argue that Mercurial and/or hg-git should disallow this behaviour, but I suspect no-one has wanted to this before…


1) Install Mercurial & hg-git
2) Clone the rbtools using Mercurial


Repository clones; update succeeds and I get what's equivalent to the master branch in Git.


Repository clones; update fails as Mercurial _really_ doesn't like repositories containing other repositories. Conceptually, it just doesn't make sense.

$ hg clone git://
destination directory: rbtools
importing git objects into hg
updating to branch default
abort: path 'rbtools/clients/testdata/hg-repo/.hg/00changelog.i' is inside nested repo 'rbtools/clients/testdata/hg-repo'

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