Comment #2 on issue 3219 by Support "Unship It"

I want to address your comments on this though.

Different organizations have different workflows and different expectations for what the data means to them. It's perfectly reasonable in some places for a person to be able to say Ship It twice (each one may be for a different segment of the code), or for Ship Its to remain after a new diff (it's common to say "make these changes and Ship It!" and for the author to put up a new draft).

So we're unlikely to change any of that.

That said, RB is extensible, and it'd be easy to write an extension to clear existing Ship Its on new drafts. I'm sure some people would want that. Some wouldn't, which is why we probably won't bake it into the product without some serious thought.

We're looking to add some stuff to 2.0 for official "approval" support. It'd basically add support for extensions to specify whether a change is approved or not (for example, in your case, you could write a little bit of code requiring 2+ Ship It!'s and filter out dups). You could then have pre-commit hooks that check the flag, or whatever.

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