Comment #20 on issue 2916 by Review Board does not respect line endings

Our current release process is to merge the approved patch into /trunk, and this issue creates extra steps when merging the downloaded patch.

I use 'svn patch' to apply the patch file, which works without errors, but all of the newly inserted lines, as well as the surrounding 'context' lines are converted to unix-style line-endings.

I then need to use either unix2dos or Eclipse "File -> Convert Line Delimiters To -> Windows" to fix the line-endings before committing the changes.

RB should preserve the uploaded patch without modifications.

If it needs a normalized version of the patch for internal processing, it should probably create a working copy.

If storage space is a concern, you might also consider deleting the working copies when the review is closed, re-creating them as needed from the original assets if the review is re-opened.

You might also be able to short-cut the creation of the working copy of the original patch file is already in the correct format.

Thank you for your time,

-David Farrell

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