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New issue 3285 by Case sensitive comparison between cwd and workspace root causes issues on Windows

I'm running RBTools 0.5.7 with Perforce and Windows 7 Professional. If a path to the workspace root contains capital drive letter (e.g. C:\p4\), post-review and rbt won't let me post a review. Instead I get the following error:

ERROR:root:The current directory does not contain a checkout from a supported source code repository.

I've identified that the problem is that a comparison between the current path (from where the rbt is called) and Perforce workspace root is case sensitive. As os.getcwd() returns lower-case drive letter, the following comparison will fail, PerforceClient():
        if not norm_cwd.startswith(norm_client_root):
            return None

Perhaps this should be made case insensitive for Windows.

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