Comment #3 on issue 3376 by RBTools 0.6 - UnicodeEncodeError with ISO-8859-15


Thanks for the correction in git.

About requested information, we use the following command:

rbt post \
--server=http://<myserver>/reviews \
--publish \
--disable-proxy \
--submit-as="$AUTHOR" \
--description="$DESCRIPTION" \
--summary="$SUMMARY" \
--branch="$BRANCH" \
--testing-done="$TEST" \
--review-request-id="$RB" \
--diff-filename="SVN.diff" \
--username="<username>" \
--password="<password>" \

We use the same command for a "french" project (ISO-8859-15) and for an "english" project (UTF-8). - For the first project, "rbt post" fails with the "UnicodeEncodeError" error.
- For the second one, it works well.

Subversion version is 1.7.16.

As requested, I attached an "ISO-8859-15" version of the diff, so you can check the content of the file.
Data as been anonymize, but it does not change the content of the file.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks and regards.

        filediff.diff  5.9 KB

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