Comment #8 on issue 1918 by git diffs are not parsed correctly

I'm using API to attach git diffs to the ticket. No matter how I generate git diff i'm getting the error:

        "fields": {
"path": ["No valid separator after the filename was found in the diff header"]
        "stat": "fail",
        "err": {
                "msg": "One or more fields had errors",
                "code": 105

even for the simplest diff:

diff --git a/src/MimecastServicesForExchange.CoreService.Shared/Application/CalendarSync/Embed/ImageExtractor.cs b/src/MimecastServicesForExchange.CoreService.Shared/Application/CalendarSync/Embed/ImageExtractor.cs index 5f5680c04ecd40ff1afdf620e5e401983a73ac86..8ef85df206b78ccc8259b4968209f40f774b5872 100644 --- a/src/MimecastServicesForExchange.CoreService.Shared/Application/CalendarSync/Embed/ImageExtractor.cs +++ b/src/MimecastServicesForExchange.CoreService.Shared/Application/CalendarSync/Embed/ImageExtractor.cs @@ -172,8 +172,6 @@ namespace Mimecast.Mse.Core.Shared.Application.CalendarSync.Embed

-      static private int jajj = 1;
public CalendarEventAttachment GetEmbeddedAttachment(CalendarEventAttachment originalAttachment)
if(originalAttachment == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("originalAttachment");

I've tried all the permutations of git diff command line parameters and tried to read rbt post source code to simulate the exact same parameter set you use with no luck :( By the way it works well with SVN, the problem only can be reproduced after migrating to git so I'm confident we are using API correctly.

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