Comment #2 on issue 3470 by Unable to set groups/people on a review request

I may have discovered part of the issue. It seems having a pending review request draft which depends on another review request (in this case, #119160) causes it.

I can reproduce this by setting the Depends on field using the number of the review request. The review request draft in question can still be viewed without issue through the administrative backend.

Interestingly, this also displays another bug. If an administrator (or person with appropriate permission) accesses a review request for which a review request draft exists, those changes will not initially be shown. If they attempt to make any changes however, then they will see the content / changes made within that draft.

The appropriate part of the WSGI Request in case it helps:

GET:<QueryDict: {}>,
POST:<QueryDict: {u'depends_on': [u'119160'], u'api_format': [u'json'], u'expand': [u'depends_on,target_people,target_groups']}>,

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