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New issue 3478 by Allow disabling Markdown through an option/checkbox

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It would be nice to be able to disable markdown/auto-escape text for fields that support markdown. Some users prefer plain text; it would also be nice to give them a user level option for a default markdown/plaintext.

I have several users that prefer using the web UI for submitting their review requests, especially for SVN based diffs. Prior to 2.0, everything was plain text. Now, everything is markdown by default. Many users don't immediately notice this and they enter text as they always had. Supposing someone mentions some code in description or testing done: "int some_function(int argument_)", Those "_" have meaning in markdown and they end up rendering something like: "int somefunction(int argument)" with some italics.

Also this is inconsistent with rbt post: if you use rbt post with description or testing done, it will default to being plain text and auto escape unless you specify "--markdown": There's no way to get the same effect when using the web UI.

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I personally don't feel strongly about this; The workaround is to educate and learn markdown, with my example, " `int some_function(int argument_, )` " would render correctly. Some users see it as an additional hurdle to code review to have to learn another markup language just to make their text not get mangled.

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