Comment #8 on issue 3403 by Getting Something Broke error from the server Active Directory authentication with correct password.

I just wanted to share what fixed this for me.

I have an automation script and it sets everything up with the install and/or migration. In the script I had set this, as the machine is not on the domain and this was the fix (pre 2.0.3): rb-site manage "/Path/To/Web/Root/ReviewboardSite/" set-siteconfig -- --key=auth_ad_domain_controller --value=OurDomainServer

Now I get the same Broken error and I tried adding:
rb-site manage "/Path/To/Web/Root/ReviewboardSite/" set-siteconfig -- --key=auth_ad_domain_name --value=OurLogonDomain

(this didn't fix it)

Set the auth backend to builtin:
rb-site manage "/Path/To/Web/Root/ReviewboardSite/" set-siteconfig -- --key=auth_backend --value=builtin

Then go into the web admin pages (under authentication), switch back to active directory, and after verifying the info click save.

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