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New issue 3550 by Broken behavior of revision sliders.

Version: 2.0.6.
URL: http://reviewboard.xx/r/501/diff/3/

Repro steps
1. Add SVN diff with one set of changes (base revision no: 100)
2. Update review request with adding SVN diff with next set of changes (base revision no: 110)
3. Try to view all changes done within that review

Expected result:
It should be possible to set the sliders to the position that allows viewing all changes (the sum of all diffs) from the review.

Actual result:
Sliders on orig and version show changes only from given revision. Sliders between revisions show changes between revisions

Reviewboard runs on Ubuntu
Client: Firefox 31 on Windows 7 x64

My ideas:
1. Change the behavior so when both sliders are on given revision changes from that revision are shown and change 'orig' to 'base' - in my opinion only this solution removes the current confusion how this works - I have to explain every new person to reviewboard how it works and why this is not intuitive. 2. Add a position before/after 'orig' with label 'base' and sliders between base and for example revision '2' would show the sum of changes from revision '1' AND '2'

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