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New issue 3570 by RB 2.0.7 shows 'error 500' when displaying the list of recent commits in SVN

Subversion has a feature that it does not expose svn:log property if the user does not have permissions to see *all* paths affected by a commit.

When RB attempts to fetch a list of recent commits on trunk/branch and encounters such commit, it displays an "HTTP 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" message instead of any commits - with a traceback pointing to a KeyError while dereferencing commit['message'].

An obvious stop-gap fix would be to replace commit['message'] in get_commits() in scmtools/svn/ with commit.get('message', '** log message cannot be retrieved **').

With that fix, the list of commits is displayed successfully. However, an attempt to create a review request based on such partially visible commit creates a request without any diff - not even including the visible paths.

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