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New issue 3666 by rbtools thresholds to warn and/or prevent uploading huge diff

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What version are you running?
rbtools 0.6.x
reviewboard 1.7.6

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On repository containing huge SLOC, diff size can weight from 0 to size of all files, or more if private files to be reviewed. It can be a mistake (so complete deletion can be done) or wish to review a repo from scratch. Uploading huge diff has an impact on database, at least seen on mysql. Indeed diffviewer_filediffdata table grows quickly and there is a django request that will select all binary_hash and binary rows from this table and so requires to get at least RAM+SWAP >= diffviewer_filediffdata table size + http server needs ...

mysql backtrace
63 Query SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `scmtools_repository` LEFT OUTER JOIN `site_localsite` ON (`scmtools_repository`.`local_site_id` = `site_localsite`.`id`) WHERE `site_localsite`.`id` IS NULL

63 Query SELECT `diffviewer_diffsethistory`.`id`, `diffviewer_diffsethistory`.`name`, `diffviewer_diffsethistory`.`timestamp`, `diffviewer_diffsethistory`.`last_diff_updated` FROM `diffviewer_diffsethistory` WHERE `diffviewer_diffsethistory`.`id` = 9690

63 Query SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `diffviewer_diffset` WHERE `diffviewer_diffset`.`history_id` = 9690

63 Query SELECT `scmtools_repository`.`id`, `scmtools_repository`.`name`, `scmtools_repository`.`path`, `scmtools_repository`.`mirror_path`, `scmtools_repository`.`raw_file_url`, `scmtools_repository`.`username`, `scmtools_repository`.`password`, `scmtools_repository`.`extra_data`, `scmtools_repository`.`tool_id`, `scmtools_repository`.`hosting_account_id`, `scmtools_repository`.`bug_tracker`, `scmtools_repository`.`encoding`, `scmtools_repository`.`visible`, `scmtools_repository`.`local_site_id`, `scmtools_repository`.`public` FROM `scmtools_repository`

63 Query SELECT `diffviewer_filediffdata`.`binary_hash`, `diffviewer_filediffdata`.`binary` FROM `diffviewer_filediffdata`

What operating system are you using? What browser?

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Is there an easy way to analyse which django command leads to select * from diffviewer_filediffdata ?

Do you know, if there is still same behavior in rvb 2.0.x ?

To prevent uploading huge diff to server, I would propose to define 2 thresholds that could be customizable in .reviewboardrc and/or in repository configuration on server side, for example: WARN_DIFF_SIZE/LINE => prompt user diff exceed maximum size recommended for optimal reviews ERROR_DIFF_SIZE/LINE => prompt user diff exceed maximum size allowed to be uploaded

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