Comment #3 on issue 3609 by Error displaying diff, wrapping index char traceback


We've encountered this issue too and I believe I've discovered the root cause (at least in our case). The ingredients are the following: 1. File contains a lot of lines with 0x0c (form feed - many vendor files include this for whatever reason) 2. Diff occurs late in the file (with some experimentation I could quantify this precisely - you'll see why in minute)
3. Diff is whitespace only

The root cause are the 0x0c's. The ReviewBoard diff viewer mistakenly counts these as two lines whereas other tools (svn diff, vim, etc) count them as one. As a result when the diff viewer applies the patch (which it seems to do correctly) it positions the view at the wrong line. The further into the file it is - depending on how many 0x0c's are in the file - the further the view is skewed. In our case the breaking point was somewhere around 18. Meaning that after 18 0x0c's were encountered it was skewed far enough that, if the diff is whitespace only - we see the error in the bug. If the diff is NOT whitespace only there is no error, but the viewer takes you to the wrong line and the changes are not highlighted.

I hope this helps.

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