Comment #3 on issue 3740 by uploading a 6.8MB diff over python API takes 30 seconds (220Kb/s). At least 100MB/s connection between computers

How are you generating the diff? It's probably diffing from origin/master..HEAD, and not from your desired starting point.

The server, after getting the diff, will start asking the repository for file existence on all the files in the diff, and validate them. That's likely what's taking the time you're seeing. A 6MB diff likely contains changes to quite a number of files, so this will take a while.

The validation is not parallelized. It needs to happen in one go, as there are relationships between files in the diff and parent diff that need to be checked, and we don't want to flood the repository with too many concurrent checks (given that there many be other users also trying to post at the same time), or the server can end up causing some timeouts or bad responses.

So as it is, it sounds like this isn't really a bug. The problem is more that you're getting a 6MB diff, which we can help with once I know how it's being generated.

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