Comment #6 on issue 3599 by certain search string causes "Error 500"

I would like to renew my request for more information on how to find the offending records in the database (assuming that is actually what is causing the issue). This problem continues to hit us and requires that I reapply my hack after each upgrade of ReviewBoard.

I've looked at:
- the auth_user table, looking for corrupted usernames
- reviews_reviewrequest table, searching for any requests where the submitter_id is outside the range of valid users

Absent any ideas on finding the offending records, perhaps suggestions on how to collect more useful information at the point of the exception would be useful. At the moment, I am detecting the failed condition in djblets/util/templatetags/, which itself does not have access to anything but the 'user' object being passed in. This is no help in locating the associated review request -- especially as it appears to be an empty string.

By the way, I am currently running version 2.0.12 of ReviewBoard and 0.8.14-1 of python-djblets.


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